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Preparing Your Park Home for the Winter



Preparing Your Park Home for the Winter



Prepping your park home ahead of the winter cold will help reduce the risk of damage to your property.


Residential park homes are already very energy efficient but careful planning in the colder months can help you to maximise your park home’s efficiency. If you’re thinking of leaving it and hoping any damages can be fixed by your insurance, please do think again. Your park home insurance is designed to protect you from unavoidable circumstances and NOT poor maintenance.



Key points to protect your home for the winter:


    • Stop draughts – check seals around doors and windows
    • Get your boiler checked – a poorly maintained boiler can contribute to wasted energy and money
    • Keep your pipes warm – insulate your pipes to reduce heat loss and help prevent bursting
    • Bleed the radiators – help to circulate heat correctly around your home
    • Trim your trees – reduce debris falling onto your home and any damages by loose branches
    • Check the guttering and drains – blocked guttering could cause leaks and damp
    • Check vents and skirting – keep vents clear and check any draughts from the skirting help to reduce condensation and damp problems


Reference: Park Home Assist 


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